Post Partum Holiday Blues

Is anyone else out there suffering from this? It's that " the holiday break really over already?????" blues. In my case, I've prolonged it as long as possible, spending a good part of this week playing catch up at home. We've cleaned out closets, rearranged furniture, ordered a big boy bed for our son who simply couldn't fit in the tiny bunk beds anymore, and a whole host of other "honey do's"  that had been mounting up. It feels good to be somewhat caught up.

Oops, I forgot to say Happy New Year! I hope that everyone reading this had a wonderful holiday season with plenty of rest, relaxation, and good wine.

I used to be one of those people who get completely stressed out Click to enlarge!during the holidays. The mere thought of shopping, wrapping, decorating, and entertaining on top of everything else was mind boggling. And while I love the thought of the holidays, truthfully the added stress made me crazy. This year was different. Instead of running myself ragged trying to do it all; I let a lot of things slide. I never quite got the mantel decorated, but who cares. My tree was less than perfect and no one gave a hoot. (Truth be told, I still had a giant pumpkin on my porch which jauntily sported a Santa hat!) It helped that we didn't have our usual houseful of out of town guests. Instead we focused on spending as much time as we could Click to enlarge!with the kids. We also got in quite a few days at the snow, shhusshhing down the slopes with my two teenagers and their hormonal friends. I hadn't skied in years and I'm hooked. (Don't be surprised if I suddenly volunteer for a tasting in Tahoe!)

One of the best things about the Xmas break is that it is just that, a break. That is why we give Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day off as holidays. It's a time to rejoice and refresh, slow down and take stock. Spend time with family or simply do the things we love to do but so rarely have the time to indulge. For me that meant no computers, no cell phones, no high heels. In essence, I led a simpler life which is now at the very top of my New Year's Resolution list!

Here are my other resolutions:

  • Perfect my guitar skills so Cheryl Crow will want to be my friend
  • Learn to play the harmonica
  • Overcome my fear of black diamond ski runs
  • Drink champagne on a more regular basis
  • Stop worrying so much Click to enlarge
  • Stop writing blog posts late at night
  • Make health a priority
  • Lose some weight
  • Hit the gym more regularly
  • Take a dance class
  • Travel less but smarter
  • Hold others accountable
  • Streamline wherever possible
  • Get more sleep
  • Spend more time smiling
  • Spend more time with my kids
  • Spend more time with The Husband not talking about the business!

I always start the year full of hope and expectation. Maybe this is the year I'll finally get it right. Whatever "it" is, right? But "it" is right now. "It" is my reality and if it isn't working for me, I need to change it. What does that mean? I'm not sure, but watch out world, I've got a fire in my belly and change is a-comin'!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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CHUCK JOHNSON Author Profile Page said:
January 8, 2011 6:35 PM

My resolution Kim is to succeed on the project I have been working on the year & half.

Grace Hoffman said:
January 9, 2011 9:41 AM

Hi Kim! Going through the same kind of thing so I can relate! My resolution is to spend more time in wine country, getting to the subjects of my blogs better! (I was just out in your area the same week you were in Europe so I missed ya!! I'll be back again soon!) Just wanted to let you know, I recently took part in a blending lab where we made our own "Mariner" and my group got second place for best blend so we were thrilled. A lot of fun to do!! My other resolution is to do a lot more exciting wine-related activities such as the blending lab we did! It's a great learning tool! Here's toa bountiful and successful 2011! Cheers!

Benita Allred Author Profile Page said:
January 9, 2011 2:29 PM

Hi Kim and friends of Wilma?
I came home from work today and immediately signed up for your blog. It was so nice to meet both of you. I hope, right now, you are looking at your dream costal cottage.
I also, hope the post-partum blues are over after your anniversay weekend on the coast.
My intent, when I got home from work today was to take down the holiday decorations. I did the whole thing this year,(everything), even the candles the kids made when they were tiny children. I have yours, mine and ours, as a result of a 25 yr marriage. All lived with us, but not anymore. 1=40 1=33 both his. 1=30 mine
1=26 ours. All came home for either Thanksgiving or Xmas this year. The 2 that are his, hadn't been here since his funeral over 2 yrs ago. It was stressful as I didn't know if they would accept the b-friend. They all acccepted with open arms, which was a great releif. We had a wonderful holiday. I got really into the WII, which was a xmas-b-day gift for the youngest daughter, but I am borrowing it, as she went out of town for a cpl weeks. FUN.
Learn more about wine, but drink less of it.
Learn more about mushroom hunting.
Fish more.
Take some classes.
Loose 20 lbs. w/more excersize not less food.
Help Don and Kim find their costal cottage, ha, ha, but I will keep my eyes open.
I like your blog. Benita

pigeonofdoom Author Profile Page said:
January 10, 2011 1:25 AM

Hi Wilma,
the new year malaise has really hit me this year! I think the reason people suffer this, is that new year is such a let down. We build it up in our minds and our hearts as a new beginning where your entire life starts anew. Then we get into work, only to find that things are exactly the same except you have to write 11 at the end of todays date rather than 10.
Having said that I did make some new years resolutions which so far have been kept to. I have finally after 12 years given up smoking and am 10 days down. I pledged to go to the gym 3 times a week, and I promised myself that before I start my harvest chase in September, I would learn as much about winemaking as possible. I am currently plowing my way through Bryce Rankine's Making Good Wine!

3 resolutions made and at current count being kept! Hope yours work out well for you!


JohnLopresti Author Profile Page said:
January 11, 2011 11:12 AM

The principal supermarket in a local town I know recently reorganized its wine section and upgraded the appurtenances. Very nice. In the process some brands were eliminated, while other new labels took their place. DCV's merchandise uniformly disappeared after the makeover.

I did some research, and sent an email to a Los Angeles outfit which evidently is the prime supplier to the grocer, requesting reinstatement of the DCV line of fine wine. This year, I plan to trace the bureaucracy at the grocer chain, which owns 40+ outlets on the west coast; to get DCV wine back into the local town's outlet.

Kim (aka Wilma) Author Profile Page said:
January 11, 2011 10:16 PM

I absolutely love reading everyone's comments!

Grace, I'm really sorry I missed your visit to the winery and hope we see each other this year. Not sure if I'm going to the blogging conference in VA...are you?

Benita, it was so great to meet your recently. We had the most amazing time at HH. Maybe it's karma that we met; I can help you learn more about wine and you can help me find that coastal cottage! If nothing else, we need to stay in touch. P.S. We went to the Point Arena pier looking for your sea urchine diving b-friend, but no luck--I bet he and Don could be good buddies.

Pigeonofdoom, it sounds like you are suffering from exactly the same malady as me...same life, new year. Maybe you should adopt my New Year's Resolution #4? I highly recommend it!

John, give 'em hell in LA! How dare that retailer replace our brand?! If you let me know the grocery store name, I'll contact our distributor and maybe we can both help reinstate the brand. Welcome to the wine business.........

Grace Hoffman said:
January 13, 2011 9:44 AM


I haven't decided if I'm going to VA for the conference yet. I'm really undecided as a friend of mine just moved to Walla Walla and I loved it there so much I want to go out and visit her this Summer! I will be coming out to CA at the end of February but will be in San Francisco for two days and Napa for two days. I am hoping to come back in April for Passport so hopefully we can get together then!



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